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The first implant treatments with modern, still recognized implant systems were carried out in Austria in 1983 in co-operation between this practice and the Dental School of the University of Vienna.
Schraubenimplantate Since that time, there has been an intense exchange of information and a close co-operation regarding endosseous maxillary and mandibular implants (i.e. implants anchored in bone) between this practice the Academy for Oral Implantology and the Dental School of the University of Vienna as well as several European and American clinics.

Various clinical and experimental studies have since been carried out in this field by me and my team, have been dealt with in a variety of textbook chapters and books published in Austria, Europe and the USA and have been translated into numerous languages i.g. Korean.

Need for and Type of Implant Treatment

Generally, the restoration of any kind of tooth gap or edentulism as well as corrections of facial defects with implants are offered. The implants used are screw-shaped, more seldom cylindrical, and have different lengths and diameters.

Implantat mit Krone The individual quantity and quality of the bone available as host site for implants which are assessed by means of the previously mentioned diagnostic procedures determine the type, shape and size of the implants. If necessary, the position and the inclination of the implants are determined by means of three-dimensional image analyses, models and model operations. Only if a patient presents with certain general disorders must the treating physician be contacted before surgical treatment, otherwise practically any patient can undergo implant treatment.
However, the surgical procedure required may vary considerably and may range from a simple operation, comparable to a more complex tooth removal, to intricate bone grafting procedures. Implant surgery is either performed under local anaesthesia or under general anaesthesia and can thus be carried out either on an outpatient or an inpatient basis. The admission period practically never exceeds one or two days, even in the most complex cases.

Occasionally, preprosthetic surgery may be required

In case of a bone deficit, the maxilla or mandible is augmented by means of artificial bone, the membrane technique, bone grafting from another oral region or, in extreme cases, by means of bone grafts from the iliac crest, depending on local conditions.

After the implant has been placed...

Implantat im Kieferknochen(Fluoreszenz)

A phase of functional healing of 1 to 4 months is required after any implant placement. In the edentulous mandible, immediate prosthetic treatment can be performed in the first week after implant placement. However, in principle, patients are provided with interim dentures, except for certain severe cases during the first week after the operation.

The teeth are either fabricated by the referring dentist or, if this is not possible, by an experienced prosthodontist or the team at the practice or at the clinic. Recall examinations must be carried out annually.

Results & Prognosis

Prognoses and treatment results have been analysed statistically in co-operation with the Dental School of the University of Vienna and have been published in the USA, in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry.

Treatment results depend on patient compliance and on the location of the implant.
It should be mentioned that, to the best of our knowledge, not a single failure in the treatment of edentulous mandibles with screw-shaped implants and fixed partial dentures has been observed in the entire patient collective treated at this practice in co-operation with the Dental School.
Although the success rate is lower in other maxillary and mandibular regions, this type of treatment can still be considered excellent compared with other treatment concepts.


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