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Diagnosis & Treatment


Main fields of activity:
Scanora(29958 Byte)   Diagnosis

Apart from the clinical examination, a modern DVT unit is available for diagnostic evaluation.

This precise device is used to obtain both panoramic radiographs and tomograms. This facilitates the production of measurable radiographs and three-dimensional view of all maxillodental regions.


Patient Counselling & Treatment Planning

Patients are informed about treatment in detailed talks, supported by brochures, models and EDP.
Various treatment examples of patients with similar disorders are used to illustrate treatment methods and outcomes. These examples are shown and explained by means of EDP presentations and series of slides. Virtual treatment planning on the PC and on models is possible.


Care & Treatment

Behandlungsraum 1    Behandlungsraum 2

Recall and care after surgical treatment.
Conservative treatment methods such as scaling (dental hygiene, periodontal treatment).
Prosthetic treatment after implant placement - in a team, if the patient does not have his own dentist to do it.


Surgical treatment and operations are carried out:

bullet at the Academy of oral Implantation, A-1090 Vienna, Lazarettgasse 19
bulletat the Confraternitaet Hospital, A-1080 Vienna (private clinic)


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